Marta Delgado

Customer Success Manager | Innova Market Insights
Marta Delgado


Marta Delgado is a Customer Success Manager at Innova Market Insights, an international market research company that tracks new food and beverage product launches. Marta holds a master's degree in Food Technology


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Top 10 F&B Trends 2022

Marta Delgado
Marta Delgado Innova Market Insights Customer Success Manager

05-04-2022 11:30 05-04-2022 12:00 Europe/Madrid Top 10 F&B Trends 2022

The food and beverage landscape is constantly changing. It's undeniable that factors like the pandemic have affected how, what, where and why consumers improve their nutrition or reward themselves with treats. Trends are emerging and evolving, driving innovation in the industry. Looking ahead, Innova presents the top trends that will drive innovation in 2022 and beyond, and delves into the "what" and "why" behind food and beverage trends.

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