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Calidad1Minuto Rice: the first ready to eat in reusable glass

Raül Carles
Raül Carles Nomen Foods Corporate and I+D+i Director
Amanda Belarra
Amanda Belarra CNTA I+D+i Researcher
Enrique Gómez
Enrique Gómez Openvac Director
Mónica Pueyo
Mónica Pueyo Kantar

05-04-2022 13:00 05-04-2022 14:00 Europe/Madrid Calidad1Minuto Rice: the first ready to eat in reusable glass

Nomen presents individual servings of rice that are prepared in just one minute and offer all the flavor and nutritional value thanks to an innovative sustainable packaging system. The goal was to achieve a convenience product that would take a step forward in terms of taste and quality. The challenge has been achieved and is called Qualitat1Minut. The essence lies in two aspects: raw material and R+D. The challenge, therefore, resided largely in the process and the packaging system. And the technical teams, the human teams and the investment have focused on this issue. One of the requirements that the R+D+ and Nomen Foods team self-imposed was to be able to offer 100% sustainable packaging. There was previously no ready-to-eat product on the market that complied with this premise and at the same time could offer qualities that would allow the product to be excellent. The result that has been reached has two keys: reusable glass and a closure system.

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