Rocío Arias

R&D Manager | Innolact S. L.
Rocío Arias


Graduated in chemistry, she began her professional career 10 years ago in the department of R+D+i, participating from the beginning in the co-creation, innovation and development of new products Quescrem. Since 2020, he has directed the department, which has a total of 9 people.


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Kefir spreads, a flavour innovation for a cream cheese

Rocío Arias
Rocío Arias Innolact S. L. R&D Manager
Argyrios Mitsakos
Argyrios Mitsakos lnnolact S.L. Sales Manager

04-04-2022 17:00 04-04-2022 17:30 Europe/Madrid Kefir spreads, a flavour innovation for a cream cheese

At Quescrem, innovation is part of our DNA. From our beginnings we questioned whether the usual processes of the dairy industry were adequate and we set out to start from scratch in many areas, from production to the marketing method of our products. In 2018 we detected one of the most appealing flavors in the dairy world was Kefir. After carrying out tests with consumers and with our clients, we launched shortly after the first Kefir spread on the market. A healthy product, with clean labeling and that in these years has brought us much joy.

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