Roser Montaner

Manager Cesnut | Cesnut Nutrición
Roser Montaner


In 2005 founded Cesnut Nutrición, a nutrition consultancy specialized in collective restoration advice. Currently, she combines her position as director of Cesnut with the dissemination of dietetics and nutrition.


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Menus with modified texture: solutions adapted to each need.

Roser Montaner
Roser Montaner Cesnut Nutrición Manager Cesnut
Jaime Mora
Jaime Mora CEADAC Chef

05-04-2022 16:45 05-04-2022 17:45 Europe/Madrid Menus with modified texture: solutions adapted to each need.

A workshop to provide solutions to the difficulties that arise, in the different socio-health services, of collective catering, to developo diets adapted to people with dysphagia problems. How to improve the palatability of texture foods, options for modifying textures, organoleptic improvement and attractive plating…in short, a workshop with the keys to improving the diet and quality of life of people affected by this problem, whatever the cause of that dysphagia (age, illness, accidents…).

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