Saad Ahmad

Managing Partner | Muslim ad Network
Saad Ahmad


He is co-founder of Muslim Ad Network, the world's leading Muslim Advertising company and currently serves as a managing partner, overseeing business operations. 


Round Table | The Alimentaria Hub Halal Congress

Sophistication of the halal consumers & Muslim friendly marketing.

Saad Ahmad
Saad Ahmad Muslim ad Network Managing Partner
Yvonne Maffei
Yvonne Maffei MyhalalKitchen Founder

06-04-2022 16:15 06-04-2022 16:40 Europe/Madrid Sophistication of the halal consumers & Muslim friendly marketing.

The growth of the Muslim population at a global level, its youth and digital skills and the significant development of a global Muslim middle class have made its tastes and consumption patterns increasingly demanding, sophisticated and diversified. This, together with the massive use of digital technologies by these consumers, has led to the emergence of new marketing channels specialized in this type of consumer (Islamic marketing) and a whole digital world around them (influencers ...)

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