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Esade Industrial Engineer and MBA. Entrepreneur with experience in the world of Business Consulting, Human Resources (People: temporary work company), Industrial and Food Logistics, and in Textile Retail (Nike-FCB and Adidas-Real Madrid) and Food.


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THE FIRST HAM SNACK: The Ham Tradition in the 21st Century

Jordi Lloret
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Victor Echevarria
Victor Echevarria Enjoy Your Snack Partner

04-04-2022 12:30 04-04-2022 13:00 Europe/Madrid THE FIRST HAM SNACK: The Ham Tradition in the 21st Century

With the idea of ​​preserving the ham tradition and adapting it to a global world with an ever-accelerating lifestyle, TARTAR I escaig, the first Iberian Ham Snack with artisan bread crumbs, was born. The pleasure of eating freshly cut ham at any place and time. The original and homogeneous flavor of the ham thanks to its special elaboration such as TARTAR. The perfect combination of Ham in the company of crispy artisan bread crumbs make for a unique experience.

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