Xavier Miarnau

IRTA Specialist | IRTA (Food and Agriculture Research and Technology Institute)
Xavier Miarnau


PhD in Plant Production from ETSEALL. Since 2007, he joined the IRTA (Institute of Food and Agricultural Research and Technology), as a specialist in the cultivation of almond trees at the Experimental Station of Lleida.


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Eradication of bitter almonds, from the field to the industry

Xavier Miarnau
Xavier MiarnauIRTA (Food and Agriculture Research and Technology Institute)IRTA Specialist
15-09-2020 12:1515-09-2020 12:45Europe/MadridEradication of bitter almonds, from the field to the industry

The almond tree is a traditional crop, widely spread throughout Spain, with an area of approximately 600,000 hectares. The crop is especially concentrated in the areas near the Mediterranean (coastal and inland), Andalusia and the Ebro Valley. Spain is the third largest producer in the world and the leading European producer with a harvest volume of around 4.5% of total world production (50,000 tonnes of kernels), far behind California with 80% of production (900,000 tonnes).

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