Speciality coffee with a social project

Through The Coffee Hope Project, the brand promotes the welfare and growth of coffee producers in neighbouring areas of El Salvador

From El Salvador, Café L’Étranger brings its speciality green coffee to Alimentaria. A coffee that, in addition to satisfying palates, is part of a social project aimed at creating rural prosperity and helping to reduce migration in the area.

Café L’Étranger is the fruit of a five-generation coffee tradition that began in the late 19th century, when Jules Denys arrived in El Salvador from Belgium. Decade after decade, the family grew up in the world of coffee. After implementing innovative methods in cultivation, harvesting and post-harvesting, and making changes in drying methods, Ernesto Samayoa Denys, the founder’s great-grandson, has managed to take the bean to a higher level: the speciality coffee niche, with vastly expanded flavour attributes.

Café L’Étranger, which is now exported to three continents, is grown in shade-grown forest plantations in the eastern region of El Salvador, a haven of biodiversity. Every part of the process, from the cultivation to the roasting of the coffee, is meticulously prepared. And also the environment, as Café L’Étranger has an agroforestry system on its farms.

The company also promotes the welfare and growth of coffee producers in neighbouring areas through its social project The Coffee Hope Project. It thus provides marketing opportunities through a strategy of long-term price stability.

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