Spicy solidarity

The brand is preparing a limited edition of its spicy products with special labelling, whose profits will go to Save The Children

In Ogíjares, in the Vega of Granada, Salsas Sierra Nevada was born 10 years ago, a business project of Carlos Carvajal aimed at creating really hot sauces from all-natural habaneros and chipotles and with exclusive recipes. The company comes to Alimentaria to showcase its products and with a solidarity proposal for Ukraine.

It has just celebrated its 10th birthday and has done so by breaking its own production record, with 10,000 litres of wholesale dressings plus 180,000 small bottles of tasty and spicy sauces now being launched on the European market.

Known as “Doctor Salsas” to lovers of strong taste sensations, the brand’s founder always wanted to create products that were, above all, unique. To this end, the company has established interesting alliances with producers from Granada and Andalusia, which have allowed it to diversify its catalogue with spicy products as varied and original as jams, snacks, nuts and even spicy beer.

In addition, Salsas Sierra Nevada is currently preparing a limited edition of its products with special labelling that will contribute to raising funds for refugees from the war in Ukraine. The profits from this solidarity campaign, in which Squembri Agencia Creativa – with the design and production of labels – and Peñalva Alimentación – providing raw materials – have also collaborated, will be donated to Save The Children.

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