Sweet and savoury

Biscuit mushrooms with chocolate and bread snacks, two proposals that are coming exclusively to Spain from Lithuania and Bulgaria

Snacks, pastries and industrial bakery products are the specialities of Comercial Puchol, a food distribution and logistics centre that manages more than 1,000 product references. At this year’s Alimentaria it will focus on the products of two brands that it distributes exclusively for Spain.

This year the company has incorporated Funny Mushrooms, a new product from Lithuania, into its catalogue. These are amusing mushrooms made with biscuit and chocolate in different flavours, including white chocolate, milk chocolate, banana and strawberry.

In addition to this sweet innovation, Comercial Puchol will add another savoury one from Bulgaria: Bruschetta Krambals. These bread snacks are made from natural ingredients and characterised by a golden crispy crust and a freshly-baked aroma. They contain no palm oil or preservatives and undergo slow fermentation in keeping with the very best baking traditions. There are five different flavours to suit all tastes, which is why they’re displayed in five varieties: garden grill, tomato and mozzarella, cream cheese, mushrooms and butter and olives with sea salt.

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