The coffee you drink without sugar

Café Mieludo, a 100% Arabica speciality made using a proprietary method, which stands out for its sweetness

Café Crem, one of the country’s historic roasters, brings to Alimentaria its entire range of products and its Café Mieludo, a 100% Arabica speciality, to be drunk with “Zero Sugar”.

Mieludo takes its name from the brand’s own production method, patented worldwide after several years of research. Café Crem, now part of the Costa Brava Distribution Group, embarked on a project in 2009 to grow its own coffee on its farms in the Dominican Republic and thus achieve full traceability of the coffee process.

The fruit is harvested by hand, selecting only the beans at optimum ripeness. Once pulped, the beans are left to rest in the shade on African beds, stirring them every 30 minutes to avoid accelerating the fermentation process. During the drying time (more than 30 days), the mucilage, a substance similar in appearance and texture to honey, is allowed to penetrate the beans to achieve a characteristic taste with fruity, acidic and sweeter tones than other Arabicas. After several quality controls, the coffee is gently roasted.

The result is a unique, handcrafted production process that gives the product its own character. Café Mieludo stands out for its sweetness in the mouth and its balanced acidity, making it ideal for drinking without sugar.

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