The innovative side of chips

Bags that turn into compost and vacuum-frying technology from Marinas and Vicente Vidal

Grupo Apex, a company from Navarre that manufactures and markets snacks, crisps and nuts, will visit Alimentaria this year loaded with innovations by some of its best-known brands.

Thus, it will showcase its premium 100% plastic-free Marinas crisps at Innoval. This launch, the result of more than 24 months of R&D work, will make it the first company to launch 100% plastic-free packaging in the crisps and snacks sector, with the first bag on the market that’s deposited in the organic bin to degrade into compost for future vegetation.

Another of its innovation is the Receta 1931 by Vicente Vidal. This launch, on the occasion of the brand’s 90th anniversary, recovers the concept of local crisps, maintaining a traditional selection of raw materials to ensure maximum freshness and quality, promote the local economy and become more sustainable. This new product will be accompanied by the launch of the brand’s new flavours and products, including Vicente Vidal Burger Chips, the only ones on the market made with patented vacuum-frying technology.

Jumpers will also take centre stage with its Golazos, maxi-size multi-cereal balls that taste of cheese, available in 40g and 110g formats. And Popitas, the leading brand of popcorn on the market, will display its new point-of-sale display developments.

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