The natural side of yoghurt

14 new innovative products made with natural ingredients and flavours and textures that remain unknown on the market

Pastoret, one of the leading brands in the country’s dairy sector, has been working for two years on the new products that will finally see the light of day in April at Alimentaria. Throughout this time, the company, located in La Segarra (Lleida), has once again combined innovation and tradition to bring to the market new flavours and textures that were non-existent on the supermarket shelves until now.

The company is entering a different segment with a total of nine innovations and expanding its current range with five proposals for the most sybaritic yoghurt lovers. A total of 14 products made with natural ingredients in keeping with the process that characterises Pastoret and presented in fully recyclable glass and cardboard packaging. To find out more, you’ll have to visit Alimentaria.

On the 30th anniversary of its creation, the Lleida-based company remains steadfast in its commitment to homely flavours and artisanal production processes to guarantee the traditional touch that characterises it. And it always relies on innovation to develop products and implement natural packaging techniques to allow its wide array of products to be enjoyed for much longer.

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