The new Flexiterráneo style

The first Meat & Veggie brand is born, combining meat and vegetable protein at 50%

El Pozo presents at Alimentaria its new brand: Flexiterráneo. The first Meat & Veggie brand that combines the best of meat and vegetable protein in the same product, in a 50% proportion. This new line incorporates three references with a high protein content, which are adapted to Mediterranean flavours and customs, and to new consumer trends.

With innovation as a tool for the continuous improvement of its products, the company is committed to promoting healthy lifestyles through a healthy and balanced diet. The company continues in this line with El Pozo Bienestar 100% natural: extra cooked ham and turkey breast, made only with natural ingredients, without preservatives, colourings or flavour enhancers.

These products contain more than 90% meat, like the rest of the Bienestar range, and have an optimised nutritional profile, as they are low-fat, high-protein and sugar-free products. As allergen-free, people with allergies or intolerances can consume them.

Within the same line, it is also introducing new additive-free natural products for its Legado brand.

El Pozo Alimentación is the leading company in the European meat market and its El Pozo brand is present in eight out of 10 Spanish households.

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