The pioneer of colour

The Original Premium Tonic Water: the low-sugar tonic with the widest range of flavours

The Original Premium Tonic Water is the premium tonic born in 2011 that has the widest range of flavours on the market and is also a pioneer in the introduction of colour in the product. This benchmark for the Premium tonic sector in Spain, with a presence in more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America, will be present at Alimentaria, thanks to Magnifique Brands, its owner.

The Original, with fine bubbles, has eight flavours and 11 different references, all of them low in sugar. In addition to its own range of tonics, Magnifique Brands has a wide range of products from various countries. Among these, the firm has a collection of premium and super premium imported spirits that it distributes exclusively in Spain.

In the whiskies section, the Japanese Tenjaku and the Scottish Illiach stand out, as well as a wide variety of gins: Tenjaku, Mistral, Blowin’in the Gin, Boar, Kobenhvn, Oslo, Bivrost, Rtic, Bergslagens, Cruzloma and Cannagin. Another product of note is the Imperial vodka, with its packaging inspired by authentic Fabergé eggs. Rounding out the list of drinks to consider are Giró cavas, Santa María and Rose di Baco lambruscos, as well as Corte delle Cali prosecco and MR liqueur. Black Cold Brew Coffee.

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