The return of Camy

Apolo cones are back with two new flavours: Black & White and vanilla pecan

The Camy ice cream brand is back on the market with Ice Cream Factory Comaker (ICFC). And with it come back the ice creams that marked the childhood of a whole generation, such as the Apolo cones, with their crunchy wafer and creamy ice cream.

Nougat, cream, three chocolates, strawberry and chocolate. The Alzira-based ice cream factory relaunches the brand with the classic flavours and two new products: vanilla pecan, a creamy vanilla ice cream with crunchy nuts and caramel; and Black & White, a combination of cream with chocolate powder, topped with a delicious chocolate sauce and black biscuit pieces.

Camy is also bringing back its sandwiches: the classic cream sandwich, as creamy as ever, and the MaxiDuo, with its double flavour, for biscuit and chocolate lovers. And Tropic, the brand’s most refreshing bet with three flavours: lemon-lime, strawberry and cola, its latest addition.

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