The seafood snack

Mariñeiras: sweet and savoury biscuits that are responsibly produced and free of additives and GMOs

Daveiga Producción Responsable makes its Mariñeiras biscuits in Chantada. The project, launched in the Lugo countryside, self-managed and based on the principles of the social economy, will visit Alimentaria with its new Daveiga Mariñeiras Natural Snack line, with five varieties in 50g and 100g formats.

Mariñeiras biscuits are a modern adaptation of the “ship bread” or “ship biscuit”, an age-old solution used by sailors to preserve bread on long ocean voyages in a natural way. These nutritionally-balanced biscuits are low in salt and made with extra virgin olive oil and raw materials free of additives and GMOs (genetically modified products).

The olive oil Mariñeiras are the most neutral in flavour and they’re available in a 50g format (for vending, air catering, etc.). The garlic and parsley, tomato and oregano and tomato, pepper and onion varieties, more intense in flavour, are available in 50g and 100g formats (for supermarkets and shops).

Daveiga complements these four savoury options with a sweet proposal, its chocolate Mariñeiras. This variety, made with butter, has a dark chocolate coating and incorporates maltitol as a sugar substitute.

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