The taste of a rested dough

New fresh pizza with slow fermentation dough, a tender and light texture and a crispy and tasty crust

Casa Tarradellas, a leading company in the Spanish food sector, has expanded its family of pizzas and it’s set to launch a new range made with slow fermentation dough at Alimentaria.

The new dough abides by the long fermentation times, resting for up to 24 hours. The result when it’s baked at home is a tender and light pizza with a crispy and highly tasty crust available in two varieties: Bianca 4 cheeses and Ham with mozzarella pearls

The brand will thus reaffirm the commitment to innovation it has assumed since 1996, when Casa Tarradellas revolutionised the cooled meals segment with the launch of the first fresh pizza on the market. In 2010, with the aim of remaining close to the chief ingredient of its pizzas, the company set up its own mill.

At these state-of-the-art facilities Casa Tarradellas performs the entire process of making the flour with which it prepares all its pizzas. This mill also houses a research centre geared towards studying flours in order to select the most suitable wheat variety and flour for each of the Casa Tarradellas recipes.

25 years after revolutionising the cooled meals segment with the launch of the first fresh pizza on the market, Casa Tarradellas continues to innovate and is introducing cooled dough with a challenge, that of improving the product and continuing to surprise the palate.

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