The secret lies in the salt

Iberian hams from pigs raised in the Dehesa Extremadura and produced using a traditional method of five generations

Montaraz, a company dedicated to the production of Iberian hams and sausages, brings to Alimentaria the products of its brand Montaraz ÚN1CO, a “family collection” that stands out for the origin of its raw material and its curing process.

Sea salt is the only ingredient the company uses for curing its hams. It is a traditional and 100% natural method that has been passed down from father to son for five generations and has allowed the company to produce a product without additives or preservatives.

Despite this link with the sea, through salt, the production process of its products originates and ends inland. Montaraz hams and sausages are made only with pigs raised in the wild in the Dehesa Extremadura. This natural ecosystem of holm oaks and cork oaks is of enormous ecological value, which the company preserves through sustainable practices such as the reforestation of its estate in Cáceres.

A slow and controlled curing process in the firm’s natural drying sheds puts an end to the artisanal method that Montaraz has been using since 1890.

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