The star of Soria’s gastronomy

A 105 square metre stand where professional and amateur chefs will prepare traditional and avant-garde recipes with torreznos

The “Torrezno de Soria” Guarantee Brand comes to this edition of Alimentaria in style and for the first time will have its own space where some of the nine companies that make up the brand will have a specific showcase for their products.

This special 105 square metre space will feature audiovisual components and a separate area where professional and amateur chefs will carry out culinary demonstrations with the star product of Soria’s cuisine as the protagonist: Torrezno de Soria, that tasty treat with a crispy, golden crust on one side and tender lean meat and pork belly on the other, one of the jewels of Soria’s gastronomy.

On 4 and 5 April, Juan Carlos Benito, from Grumer Catering, will be cooking avant-garde recipes using Torrezno de Soria, such as Viruta de la Matanza, Torrezno Tataki with figs and Torrezno 2.0, among others. The more traditional recipes will be presented on the 6th by the winner of the El Mejor Torrezno del Mundo contest, 2022 edition, in the professional category: Ángel Ortego, from Mesón El Portalón (San Leonardo de Yagüe). And on 7 April, the winner of the same competition in the amateur category, José Antonio Múzquiz, will bring the demonstrations to a close.

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