The tri-coloured magic of peppers

A sweet, three-coloured, cone-shaped variety for snacking and cooking

Sweet, red, orange and yellow. These are the Tribelli® peppers that Enza Zaden, an international company dedicated to the genetic improvement of vegetables, is presenting at Alimentaria.

The extreme sweetness of Tribelli® peppers, their cone shape and their bright colours distinguish them. Moreover, they are available with the same characteristics and flavour 365 days a year in mini and XL format, which makes them a good option both as a snack and for preparing all kinds of recipes.

This season, Enza Zaden will redouble its marketing efforts for this brand with a wide range of actions aimed at end consumers in markets such as Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. To this end, in addition to constant communication through their social networks, they will add special collaborations with cooking schools, recipe channels, gastronomic events and influencers, among other initiatives.

Tribelli peppers are just one of the products of Enza Zaden, whose global research efforts focus on more than 30 international and local vegetable crops. The company engages in a dialogue with the market and follows global trends to obtain information that it translates into innovative vegetable varieties and quality seeds to meet the needs of consumers at all times.

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