The tropical touch

Alcohol-free piña colada and mango cream: two new flavours made from natural fruits

Piña colada and mango cream. These are the two new beverages presented at Alimentaria Espadafor. This family company from Granada, with its fourth generation at the helm, is one of the leading industries in the international market of non-alcoholic beverages non-alcoholic beverages and currently has more than 300 different product references.

Piña colada is the latest addition to La Celebración, a range of cocktail preparations, with the same taste as the original ones, but without alcohol and with a tropical fruit base. These cocktails are in line with current trends towards more natural products, as they reduce the consumption of alcohol and at the same time provide the nutrients of the fruit. Cocoloco, Mojito, Daiquiri, Margarita, San Francisco, Strawberry Mojito and Sex on the beach are the other members of the extended family.

Espadafor also highlights among its new products the mangoes from the Sargento Tequela Mango Cream, made with mangoes from the tropical coast, where the climate allows them to be grown all year round. This cream is the latest addition to the Sargento Tequela brand, which has three other flavours: strawberry, piña colada and chocolate. These drinks are made with a dairy base and a touch of tequila and agave, and come in a bold design inspired by the Mexican festival of the Day of the Dead.

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