The vegan side of frozen food

Tortilla Nachos, Sweet Chili Bites and Fingers, three new ideas based on broad beans

Bormarket, one of the main importers and distributors in the frozen food sector, is presenting three new products from Raised & Rooted at Alimentaria, the vegan range from the Tyson Foods brand, for which it is the exclusive representative in Spain.

The deep-frozen food importer joins Tyson in the new trends with a triple offer of pre-fried and frozen products. Tortilla Nachos is a snack prepared with hydrated bean flour on a tortilla shell. Sweet Chilli Bites are made with flavoured and textured beans and coated in crunchy breadcrumbs flavoured with sweet chilli and lime. And finally, the Fingers, made from flavoured and texturized beans, with a crunchy batter.

In addition to this vegan commitment, Bormarket is not forgetting its main attraction at this event: the distribution of frozen chicken products from Tyson Food. For this reason, as the brand’s exclusive representative in Spain, he highlights some specialities such as the famous Bandidos, the chicken breast fillets, with added water and coated with sweet chilli.

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