Top-notch Gnocchi

C-Catering and Pala&Pinsa: the professional mixes for making quality gnocchi and dough

With more than 100 years in the flour sector, Molino Pasini is a leading company in the production of traditional flours, offering the widest range of high quality preparations. Always attentive to the needs of professionals, the company comes to Alimentaria with two-fold proposal: C-Catering gnocchi and Pala&Pinsa. Innovative, quality solutions with all the nutritional properties of their ingredients.

C-catering is a special professional mix for making gnocchi simply yet with excellent results. It has four products developed specifically for the production of cold kneading, suitable for both handmade and industrial production. The quality of the ingredients, used in the right dosage in making these gnocchi, yield an elastic yet firm product with an exquisite taste.

And for the production of doughs with high moisture content made “in the old way”, Molino Pasini suggest Pala&Pinsa, a high-performance mix created from a careful, proportional mix of different flours. It all makes for a dough that’s crispy outside and fluffy within, more digestible as it contains rice flour, plus a unique taste.

Both preparations have international quality certificates such as IFS Food, Kosher Certificate and Halal Certificate.

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