Two hitherto unknown brands in Spain

Simonini offers traditional Italian cured meats and Milkini a selection of European cheeses with provenance of origin

MV 1995 Fine Foods, a company specialising in cold meats and gourmet foods, as well as domestic and international food distribution, has chosen Alimentaria to present the launch of two new brands that had not reached the Spanish market till now

Directly from Italy, from the region between Modena and Parma, the firm brings to Spain Simonini, the Italian brand of great tradition with its entire catalogue of high-quality sausages to retail. Simonini is the industry leader in the production of cured ham, sliced and diced sausages and other traditional Italian sausages such as salami, mortadella and cooked ham. Its products combine the respect for tradition of four generations with the cutting-edge production technology provided by its state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly facilities.

Milkimi is the other featured product of MV 1995 Fine Foods, a new brand of sliced, grated, wedged and portioned cheeses. This range of fresh products with a very colourful, refreshing and modern design is presented at the fair with its “Origins” assortment, a selection of cheeses from different parts of Europe with certification of their provenance.

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