Where the cone ends

4.5-centimetre mini-cones made with handmade wafer and filled with chocolate and praline

Rodellas, a confectionery company with more than 45 years of experience, is the creator of Conüs, a craft confectionery recipe made with great chocolates and pralines that will be present at this edition of Alimentaria.

Conüs is a unique product created with the intention of making the dream come true of those who enjoy the final part of a cone the way kids do. Rodellas dispenses with the rest of the ice cream, keeping the final part of the cones and packaging them to offer them in packs of different shapes and sizes.

The secret of Conüs lies in the biscuit, with its light, crunchy golden texture, made with the same formula as the craft confectionery wafers that Rodellas has been manufacturing for more than half a century. The filling cream is a mixture of chocolate and hazelnut praline, in the right proportions and just the right degree of chocolate tempering hardness for a creamy yet crackling result.

Dark chocolate and praline, white chocolate and praline or milk chocolate and praline are the three varieties of this product. It measures no more than 4.5 centimetres and can be served as a dessert, as an accompaniment to coffee, as a topping on ice-cream tubs or as a snack to share.

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