Your Asian place at home

Ta-Tung, oriental food tradition with the personal stamp of Cambodian chef Kav Ly

The Gallo Group, a leading manufacturer and marketer of pasta food products in Spain, presents Ta-Tung, its new line of oriental products hand-made with natural ingredients and keeping its traditional essence.

The firm thus reinforces its commitment to traditional cuisine with the unmistakable personal stamp of Cambodian chef Kav Ly, founder of this brand that the Gallo Group acquired in 2020. Ta-Tung, the market leader in Asian chilled dishes, brings to your table a wide variety of recipes from Asia’s major culinary regions: China, Thailand, Cambodia, India and Japan.

A home-cooked menu of refrigerated dishes based on rolls, rice, pasta and typical products that can be found in any oriental dish, such as nems and gyozas. Easy to prepare, high quality and affordable. In short, dishes designed for the consumer to take their favourite Asian restaurant home with them in all its glory, plus all the flavour of Kav Ly’s experience and craftsmanship.

This Cambodian chef, with 20 years of professional experience, is behind every unique recipe that comes out of her kitchen.

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