Zero waste pathway

The meat company explains its sustainable development milestones, with actions based on reduction, reuse and recycling.

Embutidos Monells S.A. Meat industry, founded in 1975, presents new products at Alimentaria and also exhibits its milestones in sustainability. Monells works year after year to be more sustainable and respectful of the environment and society, and does so with specific actions to achieve zero waste, thanks to the three Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Thus, in line with its sustainability objectives, the company has initiated its switch to 100% recyclable packaging. In recent years the company has been improving its commitment through actions such as eliminating the rigid lid on packs of bacon strips, reducing plastic consumption by 25% and introducing 80% of recycled material.

Monells has also reduced the number of rigid bottom microns by 60% in sliced products packaging, which has meant a saving of 75,866 kg of plastic in two years. In addition, the current formats guarantee 50% recycled material in the rigid PET tray.

The company maintains the RETRAY certificate, thus contributing to the consolidation of a circular economy model in the PET thermoformed packaging sector. Another of the actions to reduce the environmental footprint is achieved thanks to the Ecodesign of packaging that allows maximum rigidity with minimum use of plastic.

Moreover, Monells contributes to the fight against hunger by donating its consumable food surpluses to NGOs and food banks in order to combat food wastage.

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