AB Mauri

AB Mauri surprises with a revolutionary range of precooked crusts combining the best of pizza and focaccia

An Italian touch with a ‘Wow!’ factor

‘Is it pizza? Focaccia? No! It’s a Scrocchiarella!’ AB Mauri touches down at Alimentaria with a product that takes the best of two culinary classics and turns them, as if by magic, into a unique and revolutionary concept: the Scrocchiarella Frozen.

This is a new range of high-quality, deep-frozen, pre-cooked crusts featuring natural, 100% Italian ingredients. They’re made with natural sourdough added in, high hydration (80%), and a long fermentation period of more than 30 hours.

Each one is handmade and baked in a stone oven, after which they are each subjected to a very rapid nitrogen deep-freeze process, ensuring the preservation of all its qualities, and freshness after baking. The result is a crunchy and tasty product with a thin crust, open crumb, and beautiful alveoli.

For on-site consumption, an advantage is that it does not need to be thawed, and it is ready to be enjoyed in 6-7 minutes. The freshness of the crumb is also long life, which helps keep toppings fresh for a long time. Finally, its shelf life is extensive (13 months).

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