Attention! As an exhibitor of Alimentaria & HOSTELCO, we inform you about the communications we are receiving these days, regarding emails from agencies claiming to sell lists with the list of visitors to the event.

To this end, the agencies contact exhibitors, offering discounts to access a database that, upon payment, supposedly gives access to data of our visitors. The ambiguous way in which the information is presented, induces an erroneous association about the origin of the advertising offer, which many exhibitors interpret as another of the services we provide, something totally false, since in no case do we provide information, sell and/or give access to our database of visitors. For this reason:

From Alimentaria & HOSTELCO, we recommend you to be very careful with the documentation you receive.

Alimentaria & HOSTELCO has no relationship with offers that may give access to our list of visitors. Our database is secure and strictly confidential.

Our communications are easily identifiable, and in no case will you ask for any payment to get our visitor database.

For this reason, we alert you to these practices and reiterate our commitment to the confidentiality of our customers’ and visitors’ data, as well as to the strict compliance with the personal data protection regulations as stated in our Data Protection Policy published here.

For any questions related to this matter, please contact your sales representative.

Exhibitor warnings

About Construct Data Publishers SA, Fairguide and Mulpor Company


The above mentioned company contacts the exhibitors of different Spanish and international trade fairs to invite them to publish their details in their Guide. The form they send out features, in some cases, the name of the trade fair in question in capital letters which can lead to confusion in exhibitors by associating the trade fair in question with CONSTRUCT DATA PUBLISHERS SA.

In order to avoid any awkward situations that have nothing to do with FIRA DE BARCELONA, we would ask you to read the form sent by Construct Data Publishers AS very carefully before signing it so you are absolutely sure that you want to contract the service they are offering.

Any such contract will be EXCLUSIVELY with CONSTRUCT DATA PUBLISHERS AS, and you should be aware that there is a cost for inserting certain information and a mandatory minimum period.

Visitor/supplier contact details 

We are aware that there are some database and contact list management companies that may contact exhibitors by offering supposed visitor, supplier and collaborator data. At Alimentaria Exhibitions/Fira de Barcelona, we do not share our databases with any third party company. Therefore, if you receive any communication about data from any of our trade shows, it is a scam. Please ignore these emails and notify your sales agent.

We have recently noticed an increase in this type of practice, especially by sending emails or spam from different users using domains such as,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,…

Exhibitor catalogues/guides

Both the Exhibitors and Products Catalogue and the Visitor/Exhibitor Guides are managed directly by our team at Alimentaria Exhibitions/Fira de Barcelona with the data associated with your participation (trade name, location, sector…) and are completely free of charge. Therefore, if you receive any request or contact from another company that is completely unrelated to us, please ignore it and notify your sales agent.

In the trade show industry, there are several complaints about alleged publishing companies that contact exhibitors to ask for data, offering in exchange their listing on official exhibitor directories or advertising and sponsorship options by impersonating official partners of various events. The ambiguous way in which they provide the information may lead to an erroneous association about the proposal, assuming that it is a legal offer from the trade show organisation.

Companies such as FairGuide, Construct Data Verlag, Event Fair, Expo Guide or International Fairs Directory regularly contact international trade show exhibitors, deliberately taking advantage of their vulnerability in the weeks prior to the event. These companies send out a misleading form asking for information to be included in the official exhibitor list of the trade show, but what they are really offering is to hire advertising inserts for periods of up to three years with no possibility of cancellation.

Exhibitors who complete and submit the requested documents from these publishing companies receive high-cost invoices. These misleading contracts indicate in small print that it is a deal that commits the exhibitor to make various payments for services that he will not receive. To pressure those who refuse to pay after discovering the scam, these companies use the services of various debt collection companies that act in collaboration with them using very aggressive tactics. 

Travel agencies 

If you need to book accommodation and/or travel, please check the offers and discounts that we offer in the “Accommodation and Transport Services” section of the Exhibitors’ Area: hotels, flights, ferries, trains, public transportation, car rental… In addition, we offer the opportunity to offset the carbon footprint generated by travelling. We recommend that you use the services of Kuoni, the official agency of Alimentaria Exhibitions/Fira de Barcelona. Reservations made through other agencies will be at your own risk.

We have been informed that other accommodation companies such as Global Housing Services Corporation, Kore Conferences Pte. Ltd. or Go Fair Ltd. are contacting quite insistently some of our exhibitors to make their reservations using their platform with supposedly important discounts.