Aliminter presents its new mayonnaises, inspired by Thailand, Japan and Texas, showcasing iconic flavours from these three regions of the world

Mayonnaises to travel the world

Aliminter, specialised in the manufacture and distribution of sauces, mayonnaises and other food products, presents its latest creation at Alimentaria: Thai-, Japanese- and Texan-inspired mayonnaises. These new additions to its product line promise consumers a sensory journey through the most distinctive flavours of these three regions of the world.

Thai Mayonnaise, one of the stars of this collection, offers a spicy touch evoking the vibrant and characteristic essence of Thai cuisine. With carefully selected ingredients and a balanced blend of spices, this sauce stirs the senses and sweeps you from your table to the bustling streets of Bangkok, where aromas and flavours intertwine in a dance of culinary delights.

Their Japanese Mayonnaise, meanwhile, pays tribute to the culinary richness of this Asian country, known for its refinement and meticulous attention to detail in every dish. Capturing the elegance and simplicity of Japanese culture in every drop, this mayonnaise offers a unique experience combining the subtlety of its flavours with a set of intense aromas characteristic of the country’s cuisine.

And, from the hot and wild southern United States comes Texan Mayonnaise, with all the daring and audacious flavour of the South’s celebrated cuisine. Inspired by this region’s traditional recipes, this mayonnaise contains ingredients honouring the rich culinary heritage of the state of Texas. With its smoky flavour and creamy texture, it’s the perfect accompaniment to give any dish a dash of Texas.

With these three new releases, Aliminter offers foodies a chance to explore and enjoy a wide variety of flavours, transforming each meal into a different and original experience.

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