AVANIS by Santander Agro

Santander has become the first financial institution to propose a digital platform for the agri-food industry

Specialised care, just one click away

With the launch of AVANIS, Santander has become the first Spanish financial institution to set up a comprehensive digital platform for farmers, stockbreeders and other companies and players in the agri-food industry. Its aim is to promote competitiveness and profitability through more efficient and sustainable business models and an open digital ecosystem that can help to create connections and facilitate interaction between all the participants in the agri-food value chain.

At the same time, Santander is continuing to reinforce its commitment to the industry with the revamping of its branches, 125 of which now specialise in the agricultural business. They have a specific area with specialised personnel to attend to farmers and stockbreeders.

Last year, the new CAP Strategic Plan for 2023-2027 came into force, and the institution therefore launched the CAP 2023 campaign to support the digitisation of farmers and stockbreeders and advise them on how to develop more sustainable agriculture.

In 2023, Santander contributed 4,325 million euros to the Spanish agri-food industry, 3% more than in the previous year. Procurements of loans for digitisation and innovation and the transition of farms to more profitable crops, together with short-term financing facilities, including advance CAP payments, campaign credits and purchases of consumables, are some of the products that have been most in demand among the 425,000-plus customers that the bank boasts in this industry in Spain.

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