Biocop organic biscuits

A wide range of biscuits undergoing constant innovation for a tasty, nutritious and 100% organic treat

Authentically and deliciously organic

Organic biscuits made from the very finest ingredients, of the highest quality, and with all the flavour and texture of traditional biscuits. Biocop comes to Alimentaria as a leader in the organic biscuit and bakery products category, with new releases such as its spelt wheat biscuits with chocolate and a hint of orange, which adds a citrusy touch to its top seller: spelt wheat biscuits with chocolate chips. The firm offers the widest range of organic spelt wheat biscuits on the market.

Pioneers in organic production since 1975, Biocop has revolutionised the food sector with a series of certified organic products that perfectly satisfy the new demands of consumers more eager to take care of both their health and the environment. A 100% organic, tasty and nutritious option.

In addition to their biscuits and breads, at Alimentaria, it presents their new organic vegetable and chicken stocks. With no additives or artificial aromas, they are made with seasonal vegetables and free-range chickens, simply extraordinary due to their intense homemade flavour.

Another of Biocop’s most recent launches is its new range of pastries, made without additives or preservatives and with organic free-range eggs, and fair-trade cane sugar and chocolate: spelt wheat cakes with fondant chocolate, marbled, or with chestnuts; spelt wheat muffins with chocolate chips, dipped in dark chocolate; and the first 100% buckwheat organic muffins on the market.

At Alimentaria, Biocop will also spotlight its ‘free from’ offerings with its Le Pain de Fleurs crispy gluten-free crackers, an original recipe, also dairy-free, egg-free and yeast-free, making it suitable for vegans; biodynamic agriculture tomato sauces, pestos and vegetable preserves by Bio Orgánica Italia; and a selection of cookies and breads from the Italian brand Sottolestelle, which round out a wide selection designed for all types of consumers.

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