Carmencita barbecue seasoning

Carmencita’s new seasoning will enable consumers to enjoy all the flavour of a barbecue after using an oven or microwave

It turns the oven into a barbecue

The new Carmencita baked barbecue seasoning guarantees the full experience of barbecued meat without leaving the kitchen. The sachet with the gluten-free combination of spices and aromatic herbs is placed in a special oven-proof bag and cooked together with the meat. The result is a dense and aromatic juice that can be poured over the food, thus reproducing the authentic barbecue flavour. It can also be used in a microwave.

The seasoning contains coriander, nutmeg, black pepper, garlic, onion and oregano in the right proportions to enhance the flavour expected of meat prepared outdoors. The heat of the oven integrates the flavour of all the spices and the juice released by the meat. It’s ideal for seasoning hams, chicken legs and thighs and pork and beef ribs.

Each sachet of Carmencita is suitable for four servings. It includes the oven bag and the clasp required to close it, a video recipe prepared by the brand’s professional cooking team and a table with the baking times for each kind of meat.

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