‘Casi A Punto’ from Emcesa

With the ‘Almost Ready’ range, Emcesa puts the flavour of grilled meat within the reach of any kitchen

Barbecue ready in ten minutes

Emcesa presents its new products from the “Almost Ready” range, with which it brings the full flavour of barbecue to any kitchen. The Toledo company cooks the meat on charcoal embers, without colouring or preservatives, and packages it so that, with a final touch of ten minutes, on the barbecue, in the oven or even in the microwave, diners can enjoy an authentic grilled menu.

The “Almost Ready, Grilled” product range includes a quarter chicken, chicken wings, a rack of ribs and half a rack of ribs, all prepared with authentic charcoal grills.

Since 1986, Emcesa has been producing meat products following the highest quality and food safety standards. It has a wide network of points of sale in the main food distributors, with the aim of satisfying the needs of consumers while maintaining a high commitment to the environment thanks to the development of sustainable technological alternatives.

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