Coéxito Snacks

Alimentos Coéxito seeks to delight European palates with its products made with Colombian ingredients

The success of tropical flavours

After proving to be a hit among Latin Americans residing in Europe, Alimentos Coéxito seeks to win over European consumers with its line of tropical-flavoured snacks. The products, distributed by Jota Jota Foods, will be presented at its Alimentaria stand, including Platanitos, Maduritos, Papitas Limón, Yukitas, Besitos and Rosquillitas, all made with original ingredients from Colombia and bearing the country’s brand seal, certifying their quality and authenticity.

Their crunchy Platanitos, made with fried green plantains, and delicious Maduritos, with their irresistible sweet and savoury taste, aim to dazzle European palates. The range also includes crisps made with Colombian-grown cassava and potatoes, as well as products based on cassava starch, very popular in South America.

Alimentos Coéxito’s strategy is to gradually make inroads in the European market through Latin food channels. The brand aspires to create a new consumption habit, positioning its snacks as the ideal option to enjoy on terraces and at events, parties and family gatherings.

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