The New Mr Pipón range of sunflower seeds by Medina includes Salt, Aguasal and Jalisco varieties

Sensational sunflower seeds

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but great packaging design can help showcase a product’s contents. The new range of Mr Pipón sunflower seeds is clear proof of this, with three fun, pioneering packaging designs inviting consumers to enjoy the sensational tastes of these snacks.

This is the new launch by Frutos Secos Medina, an Eguía Food Factory company. The product is presented as nothing less than the largest and tastiest sunflower seeds on the market.

The range is comprised of three varieties: Salt, Aguasal and Jalisco, all in a 170-gram format. Their debut is in eye-catching metallic pillow bags with modern and fun images and striking colours.

At this new edition of Alimentaria, the firm will once again be participating with its own stand under the umbrella of the Eguia Food Factory. It will be the ideal place to show customers and media the Eguia Group’s new food division, which includes all the food brands that the corporation owns, including Frutos Secos Medina, among others.

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