Hellmann’s Mayonnaise by Unilever

Unilever Food Solutions relaunches its Hellmann’s mayonnaise range for catering and hospitality, now with improved recipes

The Mayonnaise Champions

At Alimentaria, Unilever Food Solutions will present the relaunch of its Hellmann’s range of mayonnaises for catering and hospitality, with new formats and varieties providing professionals with the very best quality for their dishes.

One of the main new innovations is Hellmann’s Professional, a mayonnaise with an intense flavour, standing out for its consistency and stability. It is ideal for fillings, hot mixes, vigorously shaken options, and mixtures with high percentage of liquids and oils.

Hellmann’s Original is the brand’s flagship product, enhancing the flavour of the ingredients in the blend thanks to a unique flavour and texture. It is ideal for all types of dishes, chosen as an essential ingredient by the last two winners of the San Sebastian Gastronomika culinary fair in their Russian (potato) salad recipes.

Hellmann’s Traditional is creamy and the variety with the most delicate texture and the flavour most similar to homemade mayonnaise, recommended for display dishes.

Hellmann’s Soft is a mild spread, perfect for mixing with any food, and especially delicious spread on sandwiches and in salads and light sauces.

The range is rounded out by the improved Hellmann’s Vegan recipe, with a creamy and stable texture and the brand’s unmistakable taste. It is ideal for all types of creations, enabling culinary professionals to expand the range of options for followers of flexitarian diets.

Unilever Food Solutions lead Chef Peio Cruz stated that ‘this relaunch will ensure that we are more competitive and better adapt to the needs of each chef and each business, always offering the best solutions. In addition, we want to highlight the superiority of our best mayonnaise, Hellmann’s Original, chosen number one by chefs and consumers’.

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