Hospitality equipment: innovation is infinite

Look out for what’s new in hospitality equipment on display at Hostelco. If we cast our eye solely on kitchen equipment, visitors will find such items as voice-controlled ovens and one that detect what is on their trays, or modular dishwashers that grow according to the needs of the business, and even sophisticated vacuum packers that are changing cooking methods and times. Come by and read…

By Marta Renovales, journalist from

There are two things that Ferran Adrià tends to repeat in his multiple appearances, like a mantra. One is managing, managing and managing: without it, 50% of restaurants don’t last beyond 5 years. The second is innovation, something extremely difficult to attain: only 5% of companies truly innovate; the rest incorporate or adapt technology. In any case, says the maestro, what you must have is an innovative mindset, and be open to change.

Neither the capacity for innovation nor the innovative mindset can go lacking in the hospitality equipment industry. If there is one industry that strives to adapt itself to the demands of its customers, it is this one. That the equipment is easy to use? Done. That it’s smaller? Done.  More ergonomic, easier to clean? Done. That it saves on energy, water, light, consumables? Done. What it comes with the most advanced software, Internet connection, Wi-Fi? Done. And now, for the cherry on top, that it is automated and has Artificial Intelligence… Done.

Few industries evolve and even get a jump on their customers’ demands like the hospitality equipment industry. And at Hostelco, we will see a good number of the recent launches that will, quite literally, leave our mouths open. But not it’s not all about innovation: also on display will be the top-sellers, which were innovative equipment in their day and still essentials in restaurants and professional kitchens: there’s a good reason why. For the time being, here is a little taster of what awaits us at Hostelco 2024 in kitchen equipment:

Spectacular new items such as the ones from the Italian firm Unox, whose Cheftop-X is a professional high-performance oven that can be voice-controlled and detect what food items are put inside it, thanks to an optical sensor and generative artificial intelligence, to automatically start the right program. Once cooked, the oven “asks” about the outcome to optimise its performance and adjust to the chef’s cooking style, that is, thanks to AI, it continues to learn and build on the feedback given. Its advanced operating system, Digital.ID, is very similar to one used in a tablet or phone, making it the first oven to offer a digital experience of this type in professional kitchens.

A few months ago, Rational launched an interesting innovation in kitchen equipment: autonomous cleaning with iCareSystem AutoDose. In this system, detergent cartridges and maintenance products are inserted in the oven much like a toner cartridge in a printer, safely enclosed. This way, the equipment is cleaned with having to come in contact with the chemical products. This technology is included in the worldwide mega-launch recently announced by the German firm: iHexagon, a revolutionary new product that combines steam, hot air and microwaves to produce dishes of the highest quality in the least amount of time possible, uniformly on 6-1/1 trays. Coming soon to Spain…

On the other hand, another of the “bigs” in kitchen equipment, Welbilt, has made a splash with its Merrychef conneX, a high-speed, ultra-compact oven which requires no exhaust hood. It can bake, roast, reheat and toast, having built-in digital controllers with an easy-to-use touch screen so all member of the kitchen staff can serve high-quality, uniformly-cooked food with no surprises. This great little oven stands out for its connectivity, the powerful tri-pleX technology, easy installation and use and, take a look: low energy consumption.

With the steady emergence of compact ovens, Angela Po presents the Practico, a combined, multifunction oven just 52 cm wide, which will surprise chefs with its programs and cooking functions, making it particularly versatile and efficient. It comes in three sizes (6 2/3, 6 1/1 and 10 1/1 GN), with right and left hinged doors, offering maximum productivity in the minimum space. The large intuitive screen is easy to use. It is also a solid and durable oven, connected, sustainable and reliable: as it should be.

Another new item: Hostelco is the site of the official presentation in Spain of Invoq ovens from the Danish firm Hounö, distributed by Horeca Global Solutions, a division of Eurofred. Minimalist and elegant in design, baking, cooking and steaming come in simple steps, adapting to each situation as well with its cooking and self-cleaning programs. This is a premium range with high standards of quality that combines maximum performance, safety and energy efficiency thanks to technology that integrates connectivity and functions that automate cooking and adjust maintenance so the service runs smooth. What’s more, they are very easy to operate, maintain and clean…

On coals and fumes

The passion for roasting, triggering countless new restaurants across our country in recent times, is undoubtedly contributing to the emergence of ever more sophisticated equipment.

When it seemed that it all had been invented in the world of professional roasting, new equipment is popping up, such as the Silver Series roasting ovens from Pira, with a lifting glass door, outfitted for using several types of grills at once (and combine different types of cooking). The glass door makes life easier for the chef, who can see the cooking chamber at all times without having to open the door, even allowing the diners to watch the flaming show through the glass. The lifting door, another must, reduces the kitchen space needed for the oven, eliminating the possibility of the glass breaking due to plating right on top of the open door.

A best-seller that has always remained on top, roast chicken, takes on a new dimension with roasters such as the Elipse from Mibrasa , especially productive and robust, able to cook up to 70 chickens an hour (up to 210 per service). Thanks to the orbital motion of the blades, there is maximum total cooking area, thus ensuring the product remains longer in contact with the roasting area. In this way, the inside temperature is kept constant for a perfect result. Another detail: the blades rotate in opposite directions, thus preventing large products from breaking apart on contact. The refractory brick wall ensures total energy efficiency from charcoal or wood burning.

Another top-seller is the horizontal gas grill from Gresilva, extremely simple, with just three buttons to make it work; it fires up and is ready for roasting in three minutes; it produces little smoke and is easy to clean compared to other equipment. Its burner system releases 100% natural heat to provide a juicy, crispy and delicious roast. The grill is undoubtedly green, as 90% of the fat released is captured in water and not sent into the atmosphere; it is sustainable, because it is long-lasting, recyclable and economic (it is only lit when cooking), and healthy, as its users do not inhale carbon dioxide and diners eat their roasts free of benzopyrenes.

As it happens that there are more and more restaurant that have grills and roasting ovens, they face the challenge of having efficient fume exhaust, so Morgui Clima suggests combining an Indok exhaust hood, which uses an induction system, with Ruck centrifuge fans. Induction consists of blowing air into the interior of the hood from the front, in the form of a curtain. The flow created redirects the fumes towards the filters, which improves exhaust and climate control in the kitchen. As for Ruck fans, they work under adverse conditions (soot, grease, oil and heat). They can withstand continuous temperatures of 200 °C, are fire-resistant, and their reaction blades help to expel the accumulated soot and grease. They are also simple to maintain and clean.

What’s new in dishwashers

What’s new in dishwashers? Plenty, and then some. For example, the latest generation in MasterLine dishwashers from Miele Professional  stands out for tactile and intuitive handing, a flexible basket design and revolutionary Dry+ technology, which guarantees excellent results in a record run time of just 5 minutes. With capacity for up to 40 loads a day, these dishwashers offer impeccable hygiene, eliminating up to 99.999% of bacteria. What’s more, they have special programs for different needs. They have been tested for up to 28,000 wash cycles, ensuring their exceptional durability and performance, even under heavy use environments such as hotels and restaurants.

As for the Winterhalter MT Series high-performance wash trains and basket conveyor dishwashers, they are changing the rules of the game: thanks to their modular system, each component area connects together flexibly, which means the machine can grow or adapt to the needs of the business. It is the first modular wash train on the market which has a touch screen and can be re-equipped at any time, in addition to standing out for its wash capacity, sustainability, energy savings, and being easy to use and even easier to clean.

The Aristarco AH1240 E hood dishwasher presented by Intecno, with loading and unloading surfaces, is an “all-terrain” unit that stands out for its washing efficiency with an energy savings system and user versatility. It has everything today’s hospitality industry needs: quality washing and cleaning-friendly, with easily removable and extractable arms and filters. The stainless steel, single-walled body; the fluted basin with smooth corners; the spring-loaded hood lifting system or the AISI 304 stainless steel reboiler are some of its other features.

Other interesting equipment

Take a look at the other equipment that plays a key role in professional kitchens, such as the VM Cuisson vacuum-packers, presented by the Italian firm Orved, which has converted these machines into sophisticated food processing tools that are changing cooking methods and times. High potential equipment that makes life easier for chefs, as they feature specific processes for packing and transforming products, also for pastry and ice-cream making. The original vertical vat of these packing machines can automatically vacuum-pack large quantities of liquids or creams. The marinating and infusion programs are highly developed to yield excellent results with much greater intensity in less time. The possibilities? They are endless for the most creative professionals…

As for Mimcook, the firm behind the first automatic high-precision paella cooker, takes a step further and presents at Hostelco the digitalisation of the entire system, which improves upon the operation with a colour touch screen. The adaptive temperature ensure the rice is cooked to perfection every time, which means restaurants can serve their rice dishes at the right moment, whoever happens to be cooking. More digital advantages? Connectivity: the paella cookers can now be controlled by Wi-Fi from any device, which means recipes can be loaded at any time and remotely, in addition to training personnel directly with the in-app videos…

All this equipment is just a small sample of everything there is to see at Hostelco 2024. There’s nothing like a trip to the fair to see, touch and try out what’s cooking in the exciting world of hospitality equipment.

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