Keto Protein sandwich bread by BestDiet

The Clara magazine has ranked Keto Protein sandwich bread with oat flakes by BestDiet as the best breakfast

The smartest breakfast

BestDiet will attend Alimentaria with its star product, the Keto Protein sandwich bread with oat flakes, ranked the Best Breakfast Product in the Clara magazine’s Smart Consumption Awards. It has exceptional nutritional value and, if consumed for breakfast, it staves off hunger until lunch, with a low amount of sugar and a high fibre content (only 5 grams of carbohydrates for every 10 grams of protein).

The rolled oats give it a delicious flavour which, together with its nutritional properties, make it an ideal food for balanced meals. The high level of protein promotes fat burning and regulates blood sugar levels, which, added to the low intake of calories, endows it with the ideal qualities in keto protein diets for losing weight.

Compared to other sandwich loaves, BestDiet bread contains 80% fewer carbohydrates and 170% more protein, without undermining the flavour and texture characteristic of traditional bread.

The 2023 Clara Awards also highlighted BestDiet chocolate cream among the products nominated for the Best Temptation prize.

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