Lácteas San Vicente

Lácteas San Vicente presents a new, more convenient format to facilitate the preservation of its traditional fresh cheese

Fresh cheese in an optimal format

Lácteas San Vicente presents, at Alimentaria, a new 400-gram format of its traditional fresh cheese, much more convenient to ensure the optimal preservation of this product, featuring excellent freshness and quality, but a short shelf life. This natural fresh cheese with a pleasant texture and flavour is made with pasteurised cow’s milk, without ripening and employing artisan processes, which imbues it with unbeatable freshness and quality, but also makes it more perishable, so customers are advised to consume it within days.

The new format contains the perfect amount to enjoy it fresh and with all its properties, without having time to spoil, as well as helping to maintain its storage conditions. The recommended storage temperature is 4ºC, always at the top of the refrigerator and in a sealed plastic container to protect it from air, which can dry it out, and from odours, which can affect the taste.

Located in Navatejera, Lácteas San Vicente has been deeply committed for over 65 years to the raw materials it harvests from the mountain ranges of León, and to artisan techniques passed down from parents to children, which it has wisely combined with the highest state-of-the-art technological innovations. It is precisely this merging of different production methods that has enabled this dairy company to develop a wide variety of offerings, including blended, Iberian (semi-mature, mature, aged), sheep (mature and aged), processed (for melting and for sandwiches), healthy (lactose-free and light) and gourmet cheeses.

Lácteas San Vicente has developed multiple formats and types of packaging for each of them, in order to adapt to each product’s conservation needs and uses.

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