Lavazza Ready-to-Drink

Lavazza presents Ready-to-Drink, a new range of cold coffee inspired by Italian recipes with three varieties: Espresso and Milk, Caffè Latte, and Cappuccino

The coldest side of Italian coffee

Ready-to-Drink is Lavazza’s latest product, being presented at Alimentaria. This new collection of cold drinks is a fusion of Italian inspiration and reinvented flavours that raise your coffee experience to the next level.

Espresso and Milk invites you to savour an intense and bold double shot combining 100% Arabica coffee with a smooth low-fat milk; a drink with just the right bitterness and a pleasant and balanced aftertaste.

Caffe Latte, with 100% premium Arabica and silky low-fat milk, offers a rich but subtle drink with a velvety texture. A cold version of a classic Italian coffee, with balanced sweetness, strong notes of milk, and a smooth splash of coffee.

Cappuccino reinvents the iconic Italian drink. Its combination of 100% Arabica with low-fat milk and delicious cocoa stands out for its balance between chocolate and coffee notes and its velvety, creamy texture.

At the heart of these three varieties is the brand’s commitment to excellence, as it embraces the quality of meticulously selected ingredients to ensure the pure and unadulterated enjoyment of cold drinks inspired by Italian coffee recipes.

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