Litoral plant-based meatballs

Litoral launches its first plant-based meatballs on the market, with soy vegetable protein, and all the flavour of the traditional dish

Vegetable meatballs with the usual flavour

At Alimentaria, Litoral will present its first canned plant-based meatballs, the plant-based alternative to the traditional ready-to-eat meat dish. They are made from soy and wheat, so they are rich in vegetable protein, a source of fibre, and have no cholesterol.

They offer a juicy texture, very similar to that of meat meatballs. They are accompanied by peas and are seasoned with a tasty sauce made with tomatoes grown in the Guadiana valleys, following sustainable agricultural practices.

With this addition to its wide range of products, Litoral, the Nestlé group brand, responds to new trends in food and consumers who want to reduce the consumption of animal protein without giving up all the flavour of one of the most traditional recipes of Spanish gastronomy.

At Alimentaria, Nestlé will also present its new dessert aimed at the restaurant sector: the KitKat spreadable cream, with all the flavour of the four cookie bars covered in milk chocolate and a surprising texture, thanks to the pieces of the characteristic crunchy wafer of the popular snack.

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