Organic Mocca by Novell

Novell is committed to authenticity in its new proposals for organic and high-end speciality coffees

Organic coffee inspired in the origins

Novell travels to the origins to propose Organic Mocca, the new high-end organic coffee brand, which includes a blend of speciality coffees, 100% Arabica, grown according to the principles of organic farming, without herbicides or chemical pesticides. After 65 years of putting the highest quality coffees on the market, the Catalan company is committed to authenticity.

That is also the philosophy of another of the novelties that will be presented at Alimentaria: The Roastery, a new concept of speciality coffees designed to surprise the most demanding coffee growers. They have the guarantee given by ratings of over 80 points from Novell’s expert taster, with a Q-Grader licence from the Coffee Quality Institute, which evaluates each bean according to the practices of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

Speciality coffees are grown in privileged areas due to their climate and location, applying the best processing and storage practices.

In the case of Organic Mocca, the involvement with the territory is maximum. OM is the Sanskrit syllable that represents the original sound, from which the universe is structured, in the same way that structures Novell’s most extraordinary ecological blend.

In its 65 years of history, the Catalan company was the first to introduce certified fair trade, organic and zero-waste coffee into the hospitality industry.

And the third novelty that will be presented at Alimentaria also responds to these criteria: Atelier, artisan coffee beans, authentic and sophisticated at the same time, to consume at home.

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