Ready meals by Lassal

Lassal presents its high-quality precooked dishes to enjoy the best cuisine in a matter of minutes

Masters of fast cooking

At Alimentaria, Lassal presents its premium ready meals, among which its pre-cooked rice dishes are particularly delicious. Backed by the successful Saona Group, this is a new undertaking in the food sector that aims to meet the growing demand for high-quality prepared dishes. To this end, it uses premium, natural ingredients and traditional preparation techniques.

With its rice dishes, Lassal has managed to fuse speed with culinary excellence, offering a high-end foodie experience in a matter of minutes. They come with a practical sachet that contains the broth and all other ingredients. A second sachet contains the rice, and preparing the dish is as simple as mixing the contents of both in a paella pan and cooking it in an oven or over a flame or ceramic cooktop for just 8 minutes. It is not necessary to add water or any other ingredients.

Lassal’s catalogue includes a wide variety of options, from tarts and potato salad to hummus and sauces of various types, which are distributed to both the HORECA and retail channels. In this way, the brand has managed to stand out in the competitive world of quickly cooked dishes by combining previous experience with an innovative vision.

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