Runakay rolls out its line of plant-based artisanal ice creams at Alimentaria, with natural prebiotics and no added sugars

Organic ice cream committed to health and the planet

You can enjoy the full flavour of ice cream while still caring for both yourself and the planet. Embracing this premise, Alimentaria welcomes Runakay, a Spanish company specialised in the marketing and distribution of healthy, artisanal frozen desserts.

This edition of the fair will feature all the freshness of the firm’s artisanal ice creams, without added sugars and with natural prebiotics. This range offers two plant-based families and one dairy range, albeit lactose-free. The brand boasts a huge variety, innovating by offering original flavours: mango and passion fruit, orange and pomegranate, lemon and ginger, coconut and pineapple, tiger nut stracciatella, hazelnut and chocolate, custard, pistachio, red fruit…

Tradition and modernity have gone hand in hand ever since Runakay added this new line in 2020 with a sustainable philosophy: ‘We are what we think; we are what we eat’. In this regard, Runakay ice creams meet the needs of a society that is advancing and increasingly demanding in terms of health and nutrition.

Runakay was founded with a view to improving people’s food and quality of life through handcrafted and ethical products, observing the principles of sustainability and protecting the environment and the planet. The firm upholds a clear commitment to people’s health and well-being, which is why it produces all its products in compliance with the terms of the main organic certificates, and with ingredients of the highest quality produced by sustainable and responsible agriculture.

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