Sanygran’s Brewers Spent Grains

Sanygran is banking on brewers’ spent grains, a nutritious and sustainable vegetable protein obtained from reusing barley

A circular economy vegetable protein

Alimentos Sanygran strengthens its commitment to waste reduction and the circular economy by reusing malted barley used to brew beer. At Alimentaria, the brand specialising in plant-based ingredients and products presents brewers’ spent grains (BSG), a by-product obtained from solid residue of barley that does not dissolve during the fermentation and filtration process.

Their benefits include their richness in high-quality vegetable proteins, ideal for vegetarian and vegan diets, and their firm texture and delicious taste make them a versatile choice for all types of dishes.

In addition, using these grains supports the sustainability of the planet, as it is an upcycled, 0-km product whose production process is rooted in the principles of the circular economy.

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