Creativity sets the course for people management in Hospitality

Every business has its ways of avoiding what has come to be called the Great Resignation. According to the data from the latest Eurofirms study, among workers in the hospitality industry, only 9% of employees work in the sector as a career vocation, 65% don’t see themselves working in it in 5 years’ time, and nearly 40% wouldn’t recommend it to other people.

In the report, we find out the experience of two completely different business models. Mantis is a small gourmet restaurant in Barcelona run Toni Solans y David Romero, by which opened just a few months ago. It opens only from Monday to Friday, which means it offers its employees a veritable dream in the hospitality industry: having all their weekends off.

On the other hand, Udon is a well-known restaurant chain with 75 establishments and hundreds of employees. Obviously, they have a completely different people management system, but they are amidst an improvement process they began 3 years ago under a programme entitled: ‘Mission Happiness’.

This month, in Horeca Stories, we learn two examples of how to manage the relationship a hospitality company has with its employees.

Rodrigo Domínguez ( Barra de Ideas Director)