La Compagnie des Desserts

A cup of coffee that looks real… but is actually an edible sweet

Coffee ready to … eat!

‘Would you like dessert, or a coffee?’ La Compagnie des Desserts surprises us with an unexpected answer: both, in one! At Alimentaria, the French firm, a manufacturer of artisanal ice creams and pastries for professionals, presents a cup of coffee that is not drunk, but instead… eaten! How is that possible? Very simple: it is actually a trompe l’oeil, an optical illusion made with dark and gold chocolate, making us think of a real mug and saucer.

The reality is very different: it’s an exquisite dessert with a coffee-like appearance, inside of which we find white chocolate, a coffee infusion, a crunchy coffee crumble and pailleté feuilletine.

It’s not the first time that La Compagnie des Desserts has dazzled us with desserts like this, as its edible coffee mug actually rounds out a range of desserts featuring trompe-l’oeil effects.

With 40 years of experience, the company has six production plants and 325 confectionery products. Over its long history it has developed some 3,000 recipes for ice creams and sorbets.

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