Pan Rustique by Monbake

Monbake presents its new Pan Rustique, made with active sourdough, with a thin crust and fluffy crumb

Contemporary bread with the flavour of yesteryear

The Monbake Group from Navarra (Berlys, Bellsolá and Orio) participates in this edition of Alimentaria to share a wide variety of its products, from traditional breads to sweet pastries, and to present a new release: its Pan Rustique.

This variety of rustic-style bread has been designed for daily consumption and is characterised by its thin, crunchy crust, easy-to-eat fluffy crumb, and its traditional aroma and flavour. Pan Rustique contains active sourdough and specially-selected flours, and is made by observing the ideal rest times to preserve its full aroma, flavour and freshness for longer.

Wider than usual, with a crisp crust and a slightly more neutral taste than other sourdough breads, this loaf is great for the whole family, for those looking for easy-to-eat but high-quality bread, and for those who appreciate a genuine bread that tastes just like that: bread. It is perfect to sell at speciality bakeries, traditional establishments, and those seeking a distinctive flair. The product range comes in different formats: Pan Rustique 285 grams, Pan Rustique Plus 400 grams and Bocadillo Rustique 175 grams.

Monbake is known for its wide range of products, including artisanal and whole-grain breads; sweet pastries, such as croissants and muffins; as well as its savoury bakery products, including empanadas and pizzas. The company has gained its renown by combining traditional methods with modern technology to guarantee top quality and freshness. Monbake has also upheld a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility in its production process. With an approach that combines quality and innovation, Monbake has become a popular choice for both consumers and business customers.

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